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Somervell Expo Center no longer rents stall mats. Please contact
Elite Stall Mat Rentals to provide mats for The Shootout
NTAHC Shootout 2015
December 3-6, 2015
Somervell Expo Center
Glen Rose, TX

Judge: Sandra Abe (r), Strasburg, VA
D/SH Judge: Lisa Tannehill (r), Austin, TX

Show Premium - Upd Nov 29, 2015
Entry Form - Upd Sep 29, 2015
Show Recognition Forms - Upd Sep 29, 2015

Show Manager: Kristen Fisher, 214-284-7094
Show Secretary: Patty Liarakos, 210-912-8679
Vendor Manager: Donna Wakefield, 817-223-7477

Special Dressage, Sport Horse in Hand and Trail Awards
Sponsored by
Larry and Adrienne Jacobson, in loving memory of Ansata Mara+/, Scandia Farm, Richmond, TX
  • Arabian Dressage High Score Winner
  • HA/AA Dressage High Score Winner
  • *NEW* Arabian Western Dressage High Score
  • *NEW* HA/AA Western Dressage High Score
  • Arabian Sport Horse in Hand High Score Winner
  • HA/AA Sport Horse in Hand High Score Winner
  • *NEW* Western Trail High Score Winner
  • *NEW* English Trail High Score Winner

Many other fun prizes and giveaways for Dressage, Sport Horse, and Trail Exhibitors – listen for your name to be called to collect your prize!
Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR Champ198.1
HA/AA Western Pleasure JOTR Champ205
HA/AA English Pleasure ATR130.1
HA/AA Country English Pl AATR Select177.1
Western Horsemanship AATR153.1
Showmanship AATH144.4
Reining Set Equitation JTR145.1
Arabian Western Trail JTR 13 & Under305
Arabian Western Trail JTR 14-18306
Arabian English Pleasure Ladies & Gents  130.2
Arabian English Pleasure AAOTR  144.2
Arabian English Pleasure Champ  186.1
HA/AA Reining Horse ATR 130.3
Arabian Reining Horse JTR 130.4
All Breed Reining Horse Open I 130.5
HA/AA Reining Horse ATR Champ 177.2
A/HA/AA Short Stirrup Reining 10 & Under 177.3
Arabian Reining Horse ATR 177.4
Arabian Reining Horse ATR Champ 186.2
All Breed Reining Horse Open II 186.3
Arabian Western Pleasure Limit Horse 163.1
Arabian Western Pleasure Novice Horse 161.1
HA/AA Country English Pleas Novice Horse  130.6